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The Author

Sergey V. Sannikov

Graduated from Novosibirsk State University in 2003, specialty "History".

Theme of the graduation thesis: "Economic and Cultural Links Between Aldeigjuborg Settlement and the Territories of Northern and North-Western Europe During Late Vendel Period and Early Age of the Vikings (750-830 AD)".

Research supervisor - PhD. G.G.Pikov

2004 Master of Arts in Scandinavian History, University of Linkoping.

Theme of the Masters thesis: "Archaeological Aspects of the Indo-European Problem in Modern Scandinavian Historiography"

Research interests: The Indo-European problem, Neolithic and Bronze Age of Eurasia, Middle Neolithic of Scandinavia, A-horizon of the Corded Ware, history of Germanic nations, Iron Age archaeology of Scandinavia and Northern Germany, Vendel age culture, the age of the Great Migrations, Early Medieval "barbarian kingdoms", Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon literature.

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