Reasearch materials

Archaeological Aspects of the Indo-European Problem in Scandinavian Historiography (Presented at Histories of Archaeology: Archives, Ancestors, Practices. International conference on the history of archaeology. Goteborg, Sweden, June 17-19, 2004.)

Roman Reflections and Cultural Changes in the Barbarian North: from Roman Medallions to Germanic Bracteates
(Short abstract, submitted to the Graduate Student Conference, UCLA 2004)

Archaeological Aspects of the Indo-European Problem in Modern Scandinavian Historiography (// Master's Thesis. University of Linkoping, 2004)

Cultural Interaction in Central and Northern Eurasia During the Neolithic Age: Regional Aspects of the Corded Ware Migration (Research proposal, 2004)

Keywords: Corded Ware, Neolithic, Battle Axe, STR, TRB, Migration, Prehistoric, Indo-European, Culture, Language, Archaeology

Ключевые слова: культура шнуровой керамики, культура боевых топоров, неолит, бронза, индоевропейцы, миграция, археология, этногенез, Скандинавия, Евразия

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